Star Performer – Apr 2016



Me And EFU Life
I joined EFU Life in June 1999. After qualifying for different sales positions like S.C, E.S.S.C, Sr.Ex.S.S.C finally I got promoted to BDM in 2010 and attended the Annual Sales Conference at Pattaya, Thailand which was the very unique and wonderful experience of my life. Now I am working in EFU HEMAYAH FAMILY TAKAFUL since May, 2015 and I feel proud to be the part of the leading Insurance Industry of Pakistan.

My Hobbies and interests:
Meet with my friends, go out for a walk & read books.

My Motivation:
My real motivation is training and workshops organized by the company and the environment of the organization.

My Message:
EFU HEMAYAH FAMILY TAKAFUL is the best platform for career growth and personal development. EFU Life brought changes in me like self-belief and real belief in the profession to serve families through halal savings and kafalat in case of life hazards.

Takaful Consultant
Takaful Faisalabad Branch

EFU Star Performer