Star Performer – April 2020


Name: Maryam Ijaz
Branch: Takaful Rawalpindi Defence

Me And Efu Life
I had joined EFU Hemayah Window Takaful Operations on 10th August 2018 while accepting the challenge of proving my eligibility for Falcon membership. Within a year I achieved the title of 1st ever member of Diamond club from EFU Hemayah in 2019. My journey with EFU Hemayah Takaful is going very smoothly with superb achievements that have contributed to my remarkable career growth. My success can be attributed to the support and motivation given to me by my managers which heightened my will to outperform. My goal is to become top performer of EFU in 2020.

My Hobbies and interests:
Social Networking; bringing happiness in people’s lives, Travelling across the globe.

My Message:
Life is has much to offer, so make the best out of it.

Maryam Ijaz
Takaful Rawalpindi Defence
Takaful Executive Business Development Manager

EFU Star Performer