Star Performer – August 2017


Name: Muhammad Aftab Hussain
Designation: Takaful Business Development Manager

Me And EFU Life
I hold Master’s degree in Business Administration from a reputable university. I joined Hemayah EFU Family Takaful in August 2015 as Takaful Team Manager and played a vital role in recruitment for my branch. Since joining, I had a dream to be a part of the successful elite of Sales Professionals of EFU Hemayah, so I decided to choose Sales force under the guidance of vibrant management of EFU Hemayah and within a span of time I was promoted to Takaful Business Development Manager and first Takaful Falcon Club Member.

My Hobbies and interests:
I like to meet people, coach them and build relations rather than business. Love to read books about history, motivation, and communication.

My Motivation:
Securing a bright future for myself and my family is the biggest motivation to me. Just because of EFU Life, for the first time, I visited 3 different overseas destinations that were Dubai Atlantis Convention, Malaysia for Annual Sales Conference & Singapore for strategic meeting. The overall experience remained enormous.

My Message:
Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom”. We are sitting on edge of gold mine; all we need to do is start digging to achieve your goals.

Muhammad Aftab Hussain
Takaful Business Development Manager
EFU Hemayah Family Takaful

EFU Star Performer