Star Performer – December 2017

Name: Muhammad Azeem Badil
Designation: Takaful Sales Consultant

Me And EFU Life
I joined EFU Hemayah Takaful in August 2017. This achievement boosted my morale high and this wouldn’t be possible without the help and guidance of my managers and team

My Motivation:
High income is my greatest motivation and the main thing that motivates me is the sense of recognition and praise from my seniors and the world wide tours along with my colleagues, managers and team.

My Message:
My message is that in this industry the more you concentrate on your daily activity the more you achieve by the end of the day. I believe in a quote that states “If you want to eat an elephant take a single bite everyday”.

My Hobbies & Interest:
I like to play Snooker and my other hobbies include creating public relations in order to achieve my goals.

Muhammad Azeem Badil
Takaful Sales Consultant
Takaful Toba Take Singh

EFU Star Performer