Star Performer – December 2019


Name: Faraz Ahmed Naveed
Branch: Takaful Lahore Pioneer

Me And Efu Life
I had joined EFU Takaful in July 2019 and due to my hard work and continuous struggle, I had Qualified BDM and MDRT. This achievement boosted my morale immensely and this would not have been possible without the help and guidance of my managers and higher authorities. I found the corporate culture and environment to be very cohesive due to friendly & polite attitudes of colleagues and bosses. I consider EFU Hemayah as a pioneer in its business throughout Pakistan.

My Hobbies and interests:
I love playing cricket and my other hobbies include creating public relations and meeting as many individuals
as I can that would help me in every professional aspect.

My Motivation:
Higher income is my greatest motivation along with receiving recognitions and praises from my seniors. With my current role, I also get the chance to travel places around the world.

My Message:
My message is that in this industry the more you concentrate on your daily activities, the more you achieve by the end of the day. I believe in quote “If you want to eat en elephant take a single bite everyday”

Faraz Ahmed Naveed
Takaful Lahore Pioneer
MDRT Qualifier

EFU Star Performer