Star Performer – Feburary 2019



Name: Muhammad Ebrahim Cheema
Designation: Takaful BDM
Branch: Takaful Lahore Fort

Me And Efu Life
My professional relationship with EFU TAKAFUL started in December 2017. My colleagues and my seniors always motivated me and encouraged my work. They helped me whenever I needed their support and this thing produced a lot of confidence in my personality. I got its results and became Business Development Manager achieving the first milestone in the very first year of my EFU Takaful career. It wasn’t possible without the guidance and assistance of my immediate manager Miss Shazia Islam. I enjoy the friendly environment in office and I never felt boredom in EFU premises. I believe EFU is the leading company in the world of insurance in Pakistan.

My Hobbies and interests:
My hobbies aren’t different from others. I like sports, music and watching talk shows. Now I like to meet as many people as possible as this is the need of my profession.

My Movitation:
Everybody in the world gets motivated when success arrives in life. My motivation also arises when I produce business; get its recognition and incentive.

My Message:
Everybody who is related to this insurance industry knows it well how difficult this job is but the more you work the more you earn. When you earn you feel like a prince. Feel like a successful person. I would like to give a message to those People who are new in this field or less successful is that…….

1- Believe in Allah
2- Believe in yourself
3 -Believe in your product/services

Keep doing consistent efforts and you will be a successful sales agent sooner or later. (Insha Allah)

Muhammad Ebrahim Cheema
Takaful BDM

EFU Star Performer