Star Performer – January 2020


Name: Abdul Mohsin
Branch: Takaful TwinCity Branch

Me And Efu Life
I have been associated with the insurance industry since 2019. I have joined this industry as I was driven by passion to prosper in life, which kept me motivated to look for challenging opportunities. EFU HEMAYAH TAKAFUL gave me immense confidence, since it has been a renowned name in the insurance industry of Pakistan.

Since my joining I had dreamt to be amongst the successful elite of sales professionals of EFU HEMAYAH TAKAFUL. I am very glad to be working with the supportive Management of this company which has contributed to my success in being recognized as the Star Performer.

My Motivation:
My motivation comes from the need to secure a bright future for myself with the belief that ALLAH(S.W.T) will always streamline the journey for me. I tend to remain focused towards my goal and expect myself to do wonders in the field while being associated with EFU HEMAYAH TAKAFUL.

My Message:
Everybody who is associated to the insurance industry knows how challenging this job is but the more you work the more you earn. When you start earning you are able to feel the privileges of this field. I would like to give a message to people who are new in this field.
1-Believe in Allah
2-Believe in yourself
3-Believe in your employer
Keep doing consistent efforts and you will be a successful in this field (INSHA ALLAH)

Abdul Mohsin
Takaful TwinCity Branch
Takaful Business Development Manager

EFU Star Performer