Star Performer – July 2018

Name: Naeem Sajjad
Designation: Takaful Senior Consultant
Branch: Takaful Bahawalnagar

Me And EFU Life
I had joined EFU Hemayah Window Takaful Operations on 01st January 2017 and within a short span of time I had qualified as Senior Consultant – Takaful. My success can be attributed to the unmatchable help and guidance from my managers which further motivated me to perform to the fullest of my potential. This moment has indeed given me a boost to excel further.

My Motivation:
I feel success is never guaranteed without hard work and determination, but once we are able to demonstrate our efforts, success follows automatically. I also believe that each time, we should aim to outperform our own past achievements.

My Message
Challenge yourself and never let the hurdles hold you back.

My Hobbies & Interest:
I am an extrovert by nature which has been my strength towards befriending people. I take pride in being a source of ease and comfort for others around me. Moreover, I actively follow the latest news and happenings in the country so that we can, as a nation, progress further.

Naeem Sajjad
Takaful Senior Consultant
Takaful Bahawalnagar

EFU Star Performer