Star Performer – March 2018

Name: Syed Khair Ul Inam
Designation: Takaful EC
Branch: Takaful Lahore City

Me And EFU Life
In April of 2015, I joined EFU Hemayah Family Takaful. Due to my interest in Islamic way of savings; I decided to spread this message among my social circle. I made a lot of efforts to convince people on how they can save money through Shariah complaint ways. I qualified for Malaysia Convention, Annual Sales Conference 2016, 2017 & 2018. I’m looking forward for Australia convention with spouse.

My Motivation:
The factors behind my constant motivation are self-recognition, getting financial rewards, trainings and the international tours.

My Message:
“Thousands of mile journey may start with a single step”.
Anyone can achieve whatever set to mind but what it needs is an action plan.

My Hobbies & Interest:
I like reading books, socializing and traveling.

Syed Khair Ul Inam
Takaful EC
EFU Hemayah Family Takaful

EFU Star Performer