Star Performer – Nov 2016


Name: Muhammad Aftab Hussain
Designation: Takaful Senior Consultant

Me And EFU Life
I hold Masters in Business Administration. I joined Hemayah EFU Family Takaful in August 2015 as Takaful Team Manager and played a vital role in recruitment for my branch. Since joining, I had a dream to be a part of the successful elite of Sales Professionals of EFU Hemayah, So I decided to choose Sales force under the guidance of vibrant management of EFU Hemayah and within span of 2 months promoted to Takaful Senior Consultant.

My Hobbies and interests:
I like to meet people, coach them and build relations rather than business. Love to read books about history, motivation, and communication.

My Motivation:
Securing a brighter future for myself and my family is the biggest motivation to me. Alhamdullillah, recently I have been qualified Dubai – Atlantis Convention 2016, MDRT 2016 & Annual Sales Conference 2017 – Malaysia. Now I am working to be a Takaful Falcon Club Member that will be lead to attend Takaful Strategy Meeting 2017 – Singapore. I need your prayers to achieve my goals
My Message:
Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom”. We are sitting on edge of gold mine, all we need to do is start digging to achieve your goals.

Muhammad Aftab Hussain
Takaful Senior Consultant
EFU Hemayah Family Takaful

EFU Star Performer