Star Performer – November 2019


Name: Faraz Ahmed Naveed
Branch: Takaful Lahore Pioneer

Me And Efu Life
I joined EFU Hemayah Takaful in July 2019. Due to my consistent hard work and dedication, I have successfully qualified for BDM and MDRT. This achievement further gave a boost to my morale and this achievement could not have been possible without the help and guidance of my managers. I found the company’s culture to be very cohesive because of friendly colleagues and supervisors. I am proud to be a part of a group that is considered to be a pioneer in its field.

My Hobbies and interests:
I like to play cricket and my other hobbies include creating public relations and meeting as many people
as I can to increase my network which is a need for this profession.

My Motivation:
I take pride in my work and feel immensely motivated upon being recognized for my efforts (no matter how small or big) by the people around me. Furthermore, I stay committed and passionate so that I earn the best monetary rewards which is the need of time.

My Message:
My message to the readers is that in this industry the more you concentrate and the more focused you are, the more you achieve by the end of the day. I believe in quote that “If you want to eat something big, take a single bite everyday” Consistent & continuous efforts lead you to the top.

Faraz Ahmed Naveed
Takaful Lahore Pioneer
MDRT Qualifier

EFU Star Performer