EFU Life Hemayah Surplus Distribution 2020

EFU Life is pleased to announce a distribution of 80% of its 2020 surplus from EFU Hemayah (Window Takaful Operations) amongst its Individual Family Takaful Participants for the year ended 31st December 2020. This is the Company’s 4th consecutive year of distribution. The surplus will be distributed in the form of extra units to all active participants, in proportion to their respective Takaful donations contributed towards the IFPTF (Individual Family Participants Takaful Fund) by each participant.

EFU Life has the distinction of being the first window Takaful operator in the country when we began our operations in February 2015 under a dedicated brand – Hemayah. We offer a range of takaful solutions focusing on Takaful protection, savings, education and retirement. EFU Life has proven to be a leader in providing financial solutions to the public. With a dedicated focus on promoting Takaful in Pakistan, EFU Life is on the path to becoming the premier Takaful provider in the country, while at the same time being a catalyst in the continued progress of the Takaful industry in Pakistan.