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Achieving the targets... showing utmost commitment desire for improving every second and going beyond expectations is what makes a star performer.

It is because of these star performers that companies all over the world have achieved so much and grown into huge enterprises. It is their commitment and dedication that pushes that company to the path of success. Therefore, we at EFU Life make sure that we properly identify the star performer and encourage the efforts of our sales personnel.



Name: Sheeba Chaudhary
Branch: Takaful Potohar

Me And Efu Life
I joined EFU Life in December 2019 as a sales consultant and got my first promotions within the first year. Prior to joining EFU Life, I was a research officer. Initially, I perceived this opportunity to be a part time one but after studying various aspects of the business and product offerings through the foundation courses, I was convinced that I can do wonders in this profession if I were to fully devote myself. Hence, I had parted ways with my previous employer and welcomed my new career with full passion and determination.
I am very thankful to Mr. Mehmoon Hussain (senior branch manager) who has been really kind and considerate with me. Under his supervision, I was able to polish my professional that led to the achievement of the milestones I had aspired for. My next aim is to achieve the Life Time Membership award at MDRT this year and Dimond club membership and, subsequently, the Top of the Table.

My Hobbies and interests:
I always strive to learn new things and to pass it on to others for their benefit. I read books, spend time with loved ones and focus on establishing my contacts.
Traveling is something I love, and my previous employers had given me various opportunities for this so that I may explore diverse cultures.

My Motivation:
My parents have been very supportive throughout my success and I dedicate my success to them. I am a true believer of good intentions as it helped me achieve my goals.

My Message:
Always try to put your best with good will and leave the rest to Almighty. Instead of chasing success, try being a solution provider because the eventual outcome is the recognition one receives.

Sheeba Chaudhary
Takaful Senior Consultant
Takaful Potohar

Star Performer