Star Performer – April 2019


Name: Maria Akram
Branch: Takaful Karachi Gulshan

Me And Efu Life
I joined EFU life Hemayah Takaful in 2018 as a ‘Takaful Executive Business Development Manager’ and since then, I remained determined to improve my performance. My motivation levels were given a boost by my TZM– Mr. Faraz Jalil Siddiqui and TSBM — Mr. Muhammad Faizan Siddiqui who had always encouraged me. Above all, my success was made possible by the will and grace of Almighty Allah who gave me the strength and determination to conquer milestones.

Today, I am the ‘Top Takaful Consultant’ of ‘EFU Life Hemayah Takaful’. I wish that every sales professionals should have leaders like I do.

My Hobbies and interests:
Travel and exploration are my favorite hobbies. I wish to travel destinations and learn about their cultures and values.

My Message:
In order to achieve success in our field, one should always work with consistency, sincerity and happiness and always keep oneself motivated and happy. The entire sales force should try achieving their goals with utmost sincerity since this is the key ingredient for success. I am also thankful to my clients who believed in me.

Maria Akram
Takaful Karachi Gulshan

EFU Star Performer