Star Performer – Mar 2016



Me And EFU Life
My Name is Muhammad Mubeen Akram. I joined EFU Hemayah Family Takaful in March 2016, and from very first month I became the Star Performer by the grace of Almighty Allah. It will help me a lot to get more achievements in my future career. EFU Hemayah Takaful gave me a platform from where I can start my journey to achieve my financial dreams in future, and support my family in a respectable way. In this Industry it doesn’t matter how long association you have but matters how much efforts you have.

My Hobbies and interests:
To play and watch Cricket, read poetry and informative books.

My Message:
My message is to set your goals and put your positive efforts behind it, nothing is impossible.

Muhammad Mubeen Akram
Takaful Senior Consultant
Takaful Meezan Branch

EFU Star Performer