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Make tomorrow a bright reality

Everyone works hard to achieve their career goals and earn money so it is the right of the people to expect some monetary benefit to achieve the money related milestones howeverMoney comes with some typical challenges like inflation, so one requires a financial planning tool that can provide you sound financial knowledge of higher returns.

EFU Life Hemayah brings you Hemayah Takaful Capital Growth Plan, a unique Shariah Compliant Takaful that will enable you to accomplish real capital growth along with the added benefit of takaful coverage. With just a single contribution in this plan, you can enjoy stable Shariah Compliant returns over the long term on your investments. The plan acts as a financial protection vehicle and investment shield securing your financial well-being so you can enjoy and live a prosperous life. The Plan guarantees that all of your investments are channelized effectively to give maximumreturns from your investments.

Main Features:

  • Access your savings when needed.
  • Single-contribution whole of life plan
  • Provides financial protection and investment shields securing your financial well-being.
  • Investments can be made in Fund Acceleration Contributions to boost savings.
  • Maximize Capital growth by investing in portfolio spread across a wide range of a wide range of Investments such as Islamic Mutual Banks, Sukuk bonds etc.
  • Provides Maximum Returns from Shariah Compliant Investments.
  • Various Supplementary benefits to tailor the plan according to your needs.
  • Choice of supplementary benefits to tailor the plan to your needs.