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Protect the ones you care in times of financial instability.

Challenging times demand financial stability therefore it is important to save ones income in an effective and calculated manner to yield the benefits later and enjoy a prosperous life without worrying about the future!.

EFU Life Hemayah brings you Takaful Group Savings Plan, a Shariah-compliant unit-linked and waqf-based savings plan which lets you facilitate your employees’ efforts to build a financially secure future by saving a portion of their income while enjoying takaful coverage. It enables employees to regularly save a proportion of their income, building up to a substantial amount at maturity. With low contributions, higher allocation and an easy-to-administer plan, you can provide a unique package of funds management and financial security to your employees.

Main features:

  • Access your savings when required.
  • Maximize Capital growth by investing in portfolio spread across a wide range of Investments such as Islamic Mutual Banks, Sukuk bonds etc.
  • Provides Maximum Returns from Shariah Compliant Investments.
  • Use investments with an aggressive market outlook if your contribution amount is Rs. 100,000 and above.
  • Option to convert from existing Hemayah Takaful Group Savings Plan to one of EFU Hemayah Takaful plans when an employee discontinues services with the employer. This ensures continuity to plans maturity and helps attain maximum benefit of Takaful Savings plan.
  • Accelerate the build-up of your fund through Fund Acceleration Payments.