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Shar’iah Compliant Low Contribution Plan!

Whether you are rich or belong to lower middle class, financial security for your family is very necessary. There are uncertainties at every corner hence, you need to start saving today, plan ahead and be prepared to tackle the areas of life that are beyond your control. EFU life-Window takaful Operations offers you an economical Shariah Compliant unit linked plan- Hemayah Takaful Khushhali Plan.

Hemayah Takaful Khushhali Plan is a Shariah compliant solution which gives you the freedom of protection and investment without prejudice. The Plan provides you valuable Takaful coverage as well as the opportunity to accumulate your savings from medium to long term. With a humble contribution, you can ensure that your family and loved ones have the desired financial protection, should you face unforeseen circumstances.

Main features:

  • Minimum Contribution is Rs. 8,000 per annum.
  • Contribution amount is invested in Shariah compliant fund for stable returns.
  • Investments can be made in Fund Acceleration Contributions to boost savings.
  • Access to savings at any point in time while the policy is inforced.
  • Long Term investment incentives are provided in the form of bonus allocation at maturity.
  • Participate in the returns of Shariah Complaint Investments.
  • Choice of supplementary benefits to tailor the plan to your needs.