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Children are the Almighty’s ultimate blessing and mean the world to you. Every parent wants to give their loved ones a secure future and a life unhindered by financial constraints.

Be it sending your children to the best university or the realization of your dream of their ideal marriage, you would want to strive to give your little ones the very best in life. For this, you need an investment and protection package that is specially designed for you to help plan wisely for a financially secure tomorrow.

EFU Life – Window Takaful Operations brings you Hemayah Takaful Child Savings Plan, a Shariah compliant Takaful Plan that provides you with a complete financial planning solution to plan for your children’s future education and marriage no matter what uncertainty life unfolds. The plan helps you accumulate a savings fund over a period which can be used to finance your children’s higher education or marriage expenses. The built in Continuation Benefit guarantees security of your children’s future in the unfortunate event of your death within the plan term.

Simply put, Takaful Child Savings Plan gives you the freedom to cherish every moment with your children today without having to worry about their future tomorrow.