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Life – bestowed upon us – is the greatest divine gift of all. Imagine a life that gives you the opportunity to fulfill all your dreams – dreams which are your very own assets, driving you to plan your life the way you want.

Whether it is your career, marriage, children’s education, buying a house, starting a business or your retirement, planning for the future is the key to success. At each step of your life, you require a financial planning tool that can fulfill your and your family’s needs with certainty and can act as a smart financial tool no matter what uncertainty life unfolds.

EFU Life – Window Takaful Operations brings you Hemayah Takaful Savings Plan, a Shariah Compliant Takaful plan that provides you valuable Takaful coverage as well as high value savings opportunities so that all your dreams become a reality. The plan also provides you an opportunity to accumulate your savings on a medium to long term basis.