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Shar’iah Compliant High Allocation Plan!

In an ever-increasing uncertain world, it is your top priority to ensure that your family continues to enjoy financial security and a comfortable lifestyle even in your absence. EFU Life brings you Hemayah Takaful Savings Plus Plan, a plan that assures financial security for your family while keeping pace with your growing needs, and rewards you with a healthy lifestyle. This plan is a simple and economic way of achieving this objective irrespective of what the future has planned for you.

Hemayah Takaful Savings Plus Plan is a Shariah compliant savings and protection plan by EFU Life that provides flexibility in selecting the level of Takaful cover as per your needs, as well as customizing the solution by including additional protection benefits.

Main features:

  • High Allocation for high net worth customers
  • Provides high value savings, coupled with a guaranteed level of Takaful protection and flexibility, with various options to customize the benefits according to your needs
  • Accelerate the build-up of your fund through Fund Acceleration Payments
  • Cover yourself through whole-of-life Takaful protection
  • Participate in the returns of Shariah Complaint Investments
  • Access your savings when needed
  • Choice of supplementary benefits to tailor the plan to your needs