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Safeguard your loved ones against Life’s uncertainties.

Life can be unpredictable, but by planning in advance you can protect yourself and your family against life’s uncertainties specially the ones who depend on you.

EFU Hemayah Takaful Humsafar Plan is a Shariah-compliant joint life unit-linked whole-of-life plan providing coverage to both Participants together, allowing savings to be accumulated for the family in the event of either spouse’s untimely demise. The Plan can be easily customized to suit your specific needs. You can decide on the level of takaful protection and investment which is in line with your long-term financial planning goals.

Main features:

  • Get both you and your spouse covered at the same time.
  • Access your savings when required.
  • Maximize capital growth by investing in a portfolio spread across a wide range of investments such as Islamic mutual funds and term deposits in Islamic Banks and Sukuk Bonds.
  • Add supplementary benefits to tailor the Plan to your needs.
  • Benefit from competitive investment allocations.
  • Accelerate the build-up of your fund through Fund Acceleration Payments.