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We all know that our life is precious but in today’s world, we are exposed to unexpected events which can lead to financial distress to our families. In such events, you want your family to keep up the improved lifestyle with no worries. It has, therefore become vital to have easy access to a plan, which can stand with you in unanticipated circumstances.

Considering the need to have simple and quick Takaful plan, EFU Life- Window Takaful Operations introduce Hemayah Takaful Guaranteed Acceptance Plan, which protects you financially and lets you benefit from your hard-earned savings, being effectively placed in Shariah Compliant investments. At EFU Life, all our Takaful operations are managed under Hemayah, our dedicated Shariah-compliant Takaful brand that gives stable financial returns. This plan offers guaranteed acceptance without any underwriting requirement, which makes it accessible and flawless plan for everyone.

Main features:

  • Guaranteed acceptance with no medical test or health questionnaire.
  • Minimum annual contribution is Rs. 40,000 and the Maximum Annual contribution is Rs. 800,000.
  • High unit allocation structure and additional bonus unit allocation from 5th year and onward.
  • It is a limited cover type plan and provide year wise death benefit to the beneficiary of Participant.
  • Protection from inflationary impact through inflation protection benefit.
  • To top up savings, extra funds can be invested in plan through Fund Acceleration Contribution.
  • Option of partial or fully withdrawal benefit at any time during the plan depending on your need.
  • The built-in additional rider of Takaful Accidental Death benefit will provide additional sum covered on accidental death of the Takaful Participant, to maintain a decent lifestyle.
  • Unique feature of Surplus Sharing in addition to risk mitigation benefits, by contributing a small proportion as Takaful Donations.